48 Volt 3kVA 220V 50 Hz

Advanced features with tough rugged design and construction, the inverter design criteria has been to produce a true sine wave

inverter with optimised efficiency but without compromise in performance, employing hybrid HF technology to achieve an extremely power efficient unit.

Fitted into a tough custom, wheeled housing together with provision for up to 6 x Crane power 26.4V 30 Ah NiMh rechargeable batteries.

UPS feature

The main AC output has no-break functionality  This happens so fast (less than 20 milliseconds) that computers and other electronic equipment will continue to operate without disruption.  Automatic and uninterruptible switching In the event of a supply failure or when the generating set is switched off, the system will switch over to inverter operation and take over the supply of the connected devices. This is done so quickly that operation of computers and other electronic devices is not disturbed

Our Mobile Energy Systems Inverter in action on a Scorpio 45.

This was used on set recently and gave the Grips a lot of independence and massively reduced setup times.

The system can operate with 2 to 6 batteries, and has the possibility to hot swap the batteries to keep the power running.


Crane power batteries used in pairs power our 48V / 3kVA Sine wave inverter.

the inverter has a continuous rated output of 3000VA at 25C/77F,( higher temperatures will de-rate this output).  The inverter is able to supply up to 6000W for high current start-up applications ( motor/pump surges etc.).


The DC powered inverter system incorporates a pure sine wave inverter powered by pairs of powerful Crane Power NiMh batteries which are capable of providing the inverter with continuous input power.

The system uses a pure sine wave output, high peak power and high efficiency inverter, converting the low voltage 48V DC battery pack supply to either 110V 60Hz or 220V 50Hz (model specific) for your AC requirements.



Input voltage                                          48V nominal

Output voltage                                       220/110V  50/60Hz  Model specific

Continuous output power @ 25C          3000VA

Continuous output power @ 40C          2000VA

Maximum efficiency                              95%

Output connectors                                Neutrik Powercon/ Your specification



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