FULL light output from battery power.

For all 48V led lampheads and fixtures,

including Orbiter, Vortex 8 and Skypanel


Run time for 1 X 30V 15 Ah Powerbank is around an hour at 100% Skypanel output, longer if dimmed. For longer run time connect up 2 X Powerbanks.

Battery inputs can be “hot swapped” without interrupting light output!




POWERBANK 30 volt, 450 Wh, 15 Ah NiMh


Safe to travel and fly without restriction

The Powerbank is an extremely robust and powerful battery for 30V operation with a proven track record for long life, reliable high capacity performance for many years. Typical applications include powering LED, HMI and tungsten lights, electronic ballasts for high intensity discharge lamps, and remote Grip applications.

Over-discharge protection ensures maximum battery life.



DC Ballasts


We manufacture a range of efficient and lightweight DC Ballasts designed to operate on our reliable lighting batteries.

They range from 125W to a massive 800W output.

The ballasts will give full output from the lamp, and if needed they can be dimmed without losing colour temperature.


AC Ballasts


We also manufacture compact AC Ballasts ranging from 200W to 800W to complement the range of DC Ballasts.

They are lightweight and compact, designed to operate any of the

leading brands of lampheads.  Our AC Ballasts are designed to operate the light at full output and if needed they can be dimmed without losing colour temperature.

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